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Reliable Eye Care Solutions in Lethbridge


Tatebe Optometry offers dependable eye care solutions in Lethbridge. Our services include:

Comprehensive Eye Exams: Our eye exams include an all-around look into the health, refraction and binocularity of your eyes. Routine eye exams are necessary for maintaining the quality of your vision. Our clinic is equipped with the latest technologies including an Optos retinal imager that can capture a wide-angle image of the posterior sensory portion of your eye, a visual field analyzer that detects changes to your central and peripheral vision and an OCT (Optical Coherence Tomographer), which maps out the layers of your retina and gives a 3D representation of your visual health. These pieces of equipment allow our doctors to maintain a quantitative record of your ocular health over time, which ultimately means better optometric care for you, the patient. The quicker any changes are detected, the better the outcome – which is why it is important to see your optometrist regularly!

Pre-operative Referrals: Whether you need laser eye surgery to correct your refractive error or need to be referred to a specialist for ocular health concerns, we can take care of these referrals for you.

Post-operative Care: Post-operative care is one of the most important aspects of surgery. After surgery has been completed, we offer on-going care and follow-up. Keeping your surgeon up-to-date on your progress, you can rest assured that you will have quality care with our doctors. Proper consultation helps in eliminating long delays and also avoids frequent clinic visits.

Prescribing: Our optometrists can also prescribe ocular–related medications. Instead of bombarding your GP with concerns about your eyes, let your optometrist assist you! At Tatebe Optometry, we have the specialized equipment needed to take care of your eyes, so let our doctors do the prescribing specific to your eyes’ needs. Not only does this refer to patients suffering from common red eye symptoms, but also for patients with glaucoma. Our doctors can co-manage your care with the ophthalmologist, thereby helping you avoid long delays in the waiting room.

Contact Lenses: Besides having a wide selection of frames, we also have access to a vast assortment of contact lenses. Every contact lens is chosen by the doctor to not only suit your needs but to fit your eyes. Different brands and methods of wearing will change the type of contact lens best suited for you. We carry various types of daily, biweekly and monthly soft contacts for all ranges of powers. We are also able to fit specialty contact lenses such as rigid-gas-permeable (RGP) and scleral lenses. And we don’t stop there! Did you know that there are such things as “progressive” powered contact lenses? If you wear progressives, bifocals or reading glasses, but want the benefit of contact lenses, these could be just the thing for you. And finally, welcome to blue light-blocking transition lenses! Looking for a way to decrease fatigue and strain caused by screen time and sun exposure? Transition technology now exists in a contact lens. Come and talk to one of our doctors to find out more about your options.

Comprehensive Eye Tests

We can thoroughly investigate your eye health.

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234 Melcor Centre 200-4th Avenue South

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