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Contact Lenses in Lethbridge

Are you looking for contact lenses in Lethbridge? Contact lenses prove to be more convenient than eyeglasses especially when playing sports or indulging in recreational activities. For some, the presence of ocular surface disease means that specialty lenses are necessary to gain the best vision possible. Tatebe Optometry has an extensive array of contact lens options for everyone. From dailies to monthlies; single vision to progressives; non-tinted to self-tinting; soft to hard; corneal to scleral, our optometrists are experienced and trained to suggest suitable contact lenses for you.

Instructions and Care for Contact Lenses

How to insert

  • Place the lens on the tip of your clear, dry index finger. Use the middle finger of the same hand to pull down you lower eyelid.
  • Place on finger of the opposite hand on you upper eyelid to stop you eye from blinking and trap the lashes from getting in the way.
  • Align the lens with the widest opening, lookup and place the lens gently on the lower part of your eye.
  • Look down to position the lens, then close your eye and roll your eye around.
  • After a moment, blink a few times to make sure it is in place.

How to remove

  • Make sure the lens is centered on your eye.
  • Pull down your lower eyelid with the middle finger of your inserting hand, and look up.
  • Use your index finger of the same hand to move the lens down to the lower white part of your eye.
  • Use your thumb and index finger to squeeze the lens and remove it from your eye.

Care tips

  • Always wash and rinse hands thoroughly before handling your lenses.
  • To avoid getting your lenses mixed up, always apply or remove lenses on eat a time in the same order.
  • Never use eye drops or solution that aren’t specifically for contact lenses.
  • Don’t use saliva to try and wet or clean lenses.
  • Don’t reuse or top off old solution.
  • Rub and rinse lenses with clean solution.
  • Only rinse your lens case with sterile contact lens solution, not tap water.
  • Replace lens case at least every three months.
  • Avoid swimming, showering, or hot tubbing while wearing your lenses.
  • Apply your lenses before applying your makeup.

Some of the brands we carry:

Within these brands, there are numerous options of contact lenses: dailies, monthlies, toric and multifocal.

Visit us today to discuss which option(s) would best suit your needs for day to day wear, sports, camping, you name it!

Tired of Glasses?

We have an extensive array of contact lenses for everyone.

Get Contact Lenses


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